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Zappos designs an ‘out of the box’ shoe box

Online retailer Zappos loves to think outside the box and wants to inspire its customers to do the same. Zappos’ latest shoe box design speaks volumes about the company’s creative and interactive approach. If shoes are made for walking anywhere the customer wants, Zappos figures, then shoe boxes are made for … whatever the customer […]
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Ready for 1169/2011? Choose the proper packaging design software

From the end of 2014 onwards, a lot of changes are taking place in European food packaging legislation 1169/2011. Fonts have to be more legible and all nutritional and administration information has to be included on the package, among other things. In order to be compliant with the new set of rules, proper packaging design […]

Juice box packaging: perfection in form and function

Have you ever taken your time to scrutinize a juice box? From a packaging design’s perspective it is pure perfection: the package itself is an essential part of using or consuming the product. Let’s explore what makes juice box packaging so fantastic!