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Biodegradable chocolate packaging – eat a bar, grow a plant

Packaging designers are always looking for new and innovative ways to tackle the waste problem. Biodegradable packaging is a no-brainer: the packaging dissolves overtime, leaving no waste whatsoever. The only problem is, it can’t be used for every type of product. However, that didn’t stop designer Connor Davey, when he came up with Bloom Everlasting […]

Fundamental qualities of food packaging

What matters for a consumer in food packaging can be quite different from a designer’s or even a brand’s point of view. Let’s explore the main qualities of food packaging from a brand’s, a consumer’s and a designer’s perspective.
sustainable food packaging

Creating sustainable food packaging from grass

The past decades the packaging industry has been forced, either externally or internally, to continuously invest in the field of eco-friendly and sustainable products. In its search for new innovations the Welsh government is now funding two universities and six industrial partners to convert grass into a range of products, including easily recycled fibre-based packaging […]
Discover a new innovation in vegetable packaging!

Vegetable packaging made from … tomato peel

We talk a lot about eco-friendly packaging rapidly becoming the standard for the packaging industry. Prominent packaging companies are racing toward new environmentally friendly packaging methods.
Biodegradable packaging: plant your bowl!

Biodegradable packaging: eat your food and plant your bowl!

As the consumption of ready-made and fast food meals continually increases, more leftovers and nonrenewable packages are thrown away, causing a substantial impact on the environment. The demand for eco-friendly food packaging is therefore on the rise. With this in mind, Michal Marka, a Slovak designer, has come up with the idea of a biodegradable bowl […]

A new take on biodegradable food packaging | Mighty Oats

Sustainable packaging materials have become quite common in the packaging industry. Sustainability is far more than being energy efficient and reducing waste though, it’s a way of life. Mighty Oats organic baby food shows a creative take on biodegradable food packaging that is not only good for the environment, but will teach children valuable life […]