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What if plain packaging rules applied to alcoholic drinks?

Ever since plain packaging for tobacco products was first introduced and made compulsory in numerous countries, many have wondered whether generic packaging rules should be applied to alcoholic beverages as well. While yea-sayers are convinced public health will only benefit from plain packaging rules for alcoholic drinks, things aren’t as clear-cut as they seem.

3 sustainable packaging materials you’ve never heard of

Experimenting with eco-friendly packaging materials that go beyond paper, plastic and glass is key for any packaging manufacturer who wants to stay ahead of the game. This article takes a closer look at three recent innovations in natural, sustainable packaging materials.

Fancy a beer and some six-pack rings for a snack?

It’s no secret that plastic six-pack rings pose a major threat to animals and the environment in general. Over the years, many businesses and organizations have attempted to come up with sustainable alternatives to this (unfortunately) popular type of plastic packaging, but they failed to wow the world. Then Saltwater Brewery decided to give it […]

Beverage packaging: minimalist soda cans

Coca-Cola, Sprite, 7 Up, Fanta… Who wouldn’t recognize their package designs? Malaysian designer Ewan Yap has tried to test the boundaries of brand recognition by cropping the branding of 16 popular soda and beer cans. The result is surprising, but are the brands still recognizable?

New Belgium Brewing: new beer labels to be released in 2014

New Belgium Brewing, a host of Belgian-inspired beers, plans to release new beer labels in 2014. The aim of this packaging renewel is to give the brewery’s colorful and cheerful imagery a fresh new look. Two reimagined labels have already been posted online!

The world’s most refreshing can

Always looking for innovations and new products, the beer company Coors has launched the ‘Most refreshing can in the world’ just in time for summer. This innovative package, seems very promising, but is Coors Light really the coolest beer in the world?

Beer packaging designed to be cool

At events like parties or barbecues, a cold beer is an often welcomed beverage. A creative design by Miller Brands UK with help from the independent firm CRP Print & Packaging makes it easier to start the party wherever you are.