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The ideal beauty product packaging design

Good looking, easy and up for travel – The perfect beauty product packaging design

As far as consumers shopping for beauty and personal care products are concerned, the outside does matter. According to MWV’s annual Packaging Matters survey, a whopping 37% of consumers base their decision whether or not to purchase a certain beauty product solely on the product’s packaging design. So what are they looking for exactly? Here […]

Anti-aging skincare packaging gets a scientific facelift

Nerium launched its first line of beauty products only four years ago, but the company is already on top of the beauty industry with more than $400 million in sales last year. Nerium’s rapid growth and ongoing international expansion called for a packaging facelift that would highlight the science behind the company’s Optimera skincare product […]

Cosmetic packaging: beauty products you purchase for the packaging

Some beauty products are designed in such a pretty way that customers almost feel compelled to purchase it, solely based on the package looks. This of course, is no coincidence: selling a beauty product without giving any attention to the packaging aesthetics would sound illogical, if not disastrous, for the brand reputation.