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From clean to cute: 6 savvy soap packaging designs

There is something about soap that gets packaging designers to ramp up their skills and go that little bit further to amaze the consumer. Curious to see which designs the wonderful world of soap packaging has been boasting lately? So were we! We browsed through all the latest and got our top 6 of soap […]

“Soap packaging isn’t an art?” – We beg to differ …

And we think you’ll agree after having seen these fine pieces of soap packaging goodness. Soap is one of those products packaging designers and brands can use to really distinguish themselves from the competition. It’s the ideal vessel for creative power. Care to take a ride with us?

The Disappearing Package: 5 product packages that reduce waste

Nowadays, more and more designers do their best to invent new ways to improve the sustainability of product packaging by reducing their waste. Aaron Mickelson goes further, by designing 5 packages that reduce waste considerably, or eliminate it. His idea? Packages that dissolve during or after being used!