Packaging Innovation
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virtual store with 3D glasses

Experience your brand in a hyper realistic virtual store

As 70% of purchasing decisions is made in front of the shelves, brand owners spend a great deal of money to test their products’ shelf-shout. Usually physical mock-ups of a new packaging are tested in a real store setting. The use of 3D software to display virtual products, however, makes the entire process faster and […]

Esko wishes you the best for 2013!

What can Esko bring you in 2013? Make a wish!

Augmented reality + chocolate packaging = love

Traditionally in Greece, lovers used to exchange love messages written with pen on the Lacta chocolate’s paper wrapper. The packaging was changed to a plastic wrapper, so people couldn’t use Lacta as a medium for love messages any more. A mobile app using augmented reality allows  people to compose messages on their smartphones and then […]

Interactive Heinz Tomato Ketchup label

Heinz Tomato Ketchup uses augmented reality to turn a label in a booklet of recipes.

Augmented packaging

Red Bull introduces limited edition packaging for its six pack. The augmented reality makes ski champion Lindsey Vonn’s personality come to life on the package when you hold the front panel of it up to a webcam.

It's the End of Packaging as we know it

There’s been a lot of fuzz about augmented reality. But the first real applications are on the market now. A box of cereals transforms into a game console. Kids can really see what’s inside the box…