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3D printing technology

Is 3D printing technology taking over the packaging industry?

One of the most exciting innovations in the food and beverage packaging industry in the past few years, 3D printing technology is here to stay. More and more companies are discovering the virtually endless opportunities 3D printers have to offer, using 3D printing technology to create personalized packaging on request and even reducing plastic waste […]

Now turtles are getting in on 3D packaging design too!

Have you met Freddy? Freddy’s a tortoise. This is his story …

Esko wishes you the best for 2013!

What can Esko bring you in 2013? Make a wish!

Printing in 3D

A new kind of printer is taking printing into three-dimensions, not just flat on a piece of paper. These printers print out solid objects, usually in plastic. There aren’t many of the printers around yet. Technology geeks and hobbyists own most of them. They use them to make stuff like jewelry, toys, tools or kitchen appliances. […]