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Now turtles are getting in on 3D packaging design too!

Have you met Freddy? Freddy’s a tortoise. This is his story …

3D packaging gives the packaging world a whole new dimension

What happens if a Swedish paper maker teams up with an Italian machinery manufacturer? You get FreeFormPack! FreeFormPack is a packaging method that creates unique 3D packaging, suitable for both food and non-food markets, with a custom shape or texture in a cost-effective form-fill-seal process. It is the brainchild of Italian machinery manufacturer Curti and […]
virtual store with 3D glasses

Experience your brand in a hyper realistic virtual store

As 70% of purchasing decisions is made in front of the shelves, brand owners spend a great deal of money to test their products’ shelf-shout. Usually physical mock-ups of a new packaging are tested in a real store setting. The use of 3D software to display virtual products, however, makes the entire process faster and […]