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VisCom Paris stand

Have a seat … on Re-board® furniture

When we think of Re-board® we often limit ourselves to protective packaging. Yet, there are countless creative things you can do with this material. Re-board® is already widely used in POP design, and it starts to penetrate into contemporary furniture design as well.

Esko wishes you the best for 2013!

What can Esko bring you in 2013? Make a wish!

Pentawards 2012: the winners

The international jury of Pentawards nominated Diet Coke as “Diamond Pentawards 2012″ in its vote last June! Coca-Cola commissioned the redesign of Diet Coke to the Turner Duckworth agency. The bold result revolves around the letters D and K, the key elements of the brand. Read the complete story on the Pentawards blog. In addition […]

ABSOLUT UNIQUE – Behind The Scenes

ABSOLUT Vodka is pushing a new limited edition of  nearly four million uniquely designed and numbered ABSOLUT bottles into the market. Each bottle is randomly painted in the production line. Check out the Making of movie. Via David Schwalje on LinkedIn Esko Professionals

Printing in 3D

A new kind of printer is taking printing into three-dimensions, not just flat on a piece of paper. These printers print out solid objects, usually in plastic. There aren’t many of the printers around yet. Technology geeks and hobbyists own most of them. They use them to make stuff like jewelry, toys, tools or kitchen appliances. […]