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Buy your POP display templates
December 1, 2016

It’s here! The ultimate store for your POP display templates

What’s in a name? Quite a lot in the case of a POP display, which is not just short for ‘point of purchase’ display but also literally makes a product pop. A tried and tested means to boost impulse sales, POP displays are a specific branch of packaging design that requires a great deal of know-how. But thanks to the ArtiosCAD Display Store, packaging designers can simply pick a POP display template and start from there. Packaging creatives all over the world are browsing the ArtiosCAD Display Store as we speak. Why? Read on to find out!

Not a CAD expert? No problem!

There used to be a time when designing a POP display without extensive knowledge of CAD was unthinkable. The ArtiosCAD Display Store, however, opens doors for anyone interested in designing POP displays. It offers high end ready-to-customize POP display designs, at affordable prices too. All you need to do is download a template and adapt it to your liking in ArtiosCAD. Good to know: each template is suitable for Kongsberg cutting tables.

Buy one template, enjoy endless variations

Each POP display design you purchase from the ArtiosCAD Display Store is reusable. The sky is the limit: buy one template and expand your POP display portfolio with endless variations.

An all-included POP display package

What’s for sale in the ArtiosCAD Display Store is more than a collection of templates. Each template comes with everything else you need to create an amazing POP display:
  • A resizable ArtiosCAD 2D drawing that is production-ready, and which you can reuse.
  • An ArtiosCAD 3D drawing that contains no glue points. You can use it for dynamic quality inspection, evaluation and visualization.
  • A fully interactive ‘virtual sample’ in 3D (PDF format) which you can share with colleagues and clients.
  • 3D images including pack shots and a detailed specification report.
  • A 3D animated movie ready to present to your clients, to upload to your website, or to use as assembly instructions for the finished product.

Start designing your POP display today!

Visit the ArtiosCAD Display Store.