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irtual store simulation software
May 16, 2016

The rise and future of virtual store simulation

More and more packaging designers and food manufacturers are consistently conducting virtual store simulation as a part of their market research. Does this surprise us? Not really, no. Major companies such as Intel Corp. and Procter & Gamble have been experimenting with various methods of store simulation since the early 1990s, so it was only a matter of time until this type of market research became virtual. In fact, it already became virtual around 1995 to be exact. Has your company not yet discovered the benefits of virtual store simulation? Then this article is a must-read!

Virtual store simulation: cost-effective research

Virtual store simulation is a particularly cost-effective means to study consumer behavior. Marketeers no longer have to dress up actual stores and interview consumers as they pass by. Instead, the (virtual) store is brought to the consumers who can interact with the products on the shelves just as they would in real life. Virtual store simulation is also a fast and easy way to find out how packaging designs compare to those of the competition.

What does the future hold?

The evolution virtual store simulation has gone through so far is amazing, to say the least. From simply having participants watch video footage of someone walking through a store, the concept rapidly developed into an interactive testing method that enables marketers to closely mimic real stores and allows consumers to pick up products, watch them from all angles and put them back on the shelf or place them into their shopping cart. Recent advancements include eye-tracking software and virtual focus groups, which undeniably points to a bright and promising future ahead.

Studio Store Visualizer

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