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POP display design tips
June 3, 2016

How to encourage impulse purchases with POP displays

The shopping list is dead. Long live impulse buying! Did you know that about 80 percent of consumers make their purchase decisions on the spot? Unsurprisingly, POP displays are at an all-time high. Short for ‘point of purchase display’, a POP display is the ideal method to catch the shoppers’ attention and persuade them to place the product in their cart without giving it another thought. Do you find yourself wishing you knew more about this simple yet powerful marketing tool? Here are a few tips to help you get on the POP display bandwagon!

Take colour psychology in to account

Although vivid colours such as red, orange, yellow, … will surely draw the consumer’s attention, they can just as easily put shoppers off of buying your product. Why? Because people tend to associate certain colours with certain emotions and products. Read up on colour psychology to verify if your POP display’s colours match your product.

Use the ‘right’ approach

Research has shown that when shoppers enter a store, they tend to look left first and then steer to the right. Hence, if you plan to place a POP display near a store entrance you should always try to place it on the right side to ensure maximum exposure.

Switch it up

Consumers love making a pleasant discovery, even if the ‘surprise’ was obviously meant to be discovered by them. The trick here is to catch the shopper off guard. Instead of leaving your POP display in the same place for the time of the campaign, move it around the store so that it ‘pops up’ when the consumer is least expecting it.

Familiarize yourself with POP display software

Designing POP displays in 2D is asking for trouble. Using special POP display software such as ArtiosCAD not only saves you heaps of time, but also helps you avoid errors as you can see exactly how your POP display will turn out in real life.   Inspired by Soopak Image by