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counter display design tips
August 1, 2016

3 tips to create powerful counter displays

We’ve all been there, picking up ‘just one more’ candy bar or stick of gum we don’t really need while waiting in line at the register. It’s a typical example of impulse buying, encouraged by point-of-purchase merchandising. Strategically designed to grab the consumer’s attention, counter displays play a big part in this type of marketing. Are you about to get started on your own counter display design? Keep the following tips in mind to make sure it stands out!

1.     Try to design ‘outside the box’

You’ve probably noticed that most counter displays are shelf-ready boxes. Although there’s nothing wrong with a well-designed cardboard box display, your counter display will have all the more impact if it’s not a box. Consider whether the product is suited for another type of display and if it is, go for it! Jewelry, for instance, is a perfect product to display on a countertop spinner.

2.     The brighter, the better …

If you’re designing a POP or counter display for a well-known brand, it’s best to stick with the brand colours. But if your client gives you carte blanche, be sure to use colours that pop (no pun intended). Evidently, the brighter the colours you use, the more likely your counter display is to be noticed.

… but don’t forget about colour psychology

It’s easy to get carried away with colour, but don’t! No matter how eye-catching a flashy counter display may be, it won’t boost sales unless its colours are appropriate for the product it displays. Fluorescent hues, for instance, are perfect for children’s toys but will make women’s earrings come across as cheap and tacky. Learn more about colour psychology.

3.     Use dedicated counter display design software

Designing an alluring counter display is no small feat, unless you use dedicated software such as ArtiosCAD. Whether you choose one of the many templates or create your own designs at the click of a button, ArtiosCAD allows you to create a 3D image of your counter display and eliminate costly errors beforehand.   Inspired by Soopak   SEO