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Generate barcodes in Illustrator. Try this plug-in for free

Barcodes are omnipresent, and it’s hard to find any packaging without at least one of them printed on the side or attached somewhere. The simplicity, universality and low cost of barcodes are the reasons that barcodes haven’t been replaced in automatic identification and data capture (AIDC). The fact that they are easy to use doesn’t […]
QR codes

5 reasons to stop using QR codes

Ever since QR codes became a ‘thing,’ we’ve seen them on plenty of packaging materials. But are they really such a great marketing tool? It’s been several years now since the first QR code popped up, so what’s the verdict? Will we continue to see QR codes on packaging? We don’t think so, and here […]

Improve packaging design with custom barcodes

Whether you’re active in industry or retail, there is one thing you can’t get rid of: the barcode. Being able to identify products in a matter of seconds is essential, so we better leave some room for that dull barcode on our packaging designs.

3D QR codes+ the sun = discounts

Talk about innovative use of QR codes! Korean Emart placed 3D QR code sculptures throughout Seoul. These QR ‘sculptures’ could only be scanned between noon and 1 pm each day: the QR codes gave consumers discounts during  those quiet shopping hours. Via

Barcodes for Mobile

Food52, a website ‘where kitchens meet’, is using stickybits to provide access to their recipe database while you’re at the grocery store, or in your kitchen. The site has linked hundreds of their community’s recipes to the bar codes on ingredients across the US. The stickybits iPhone or Android app will now allow you to […]
3 trends in packaging

3 trends in packaging and how to overcome their challenges

Never content not to be bang on trend? Of course not! Discover what’s happening in packaging right now, what your peers are up to, and what you should be exploring to ensure future business prosperity. Read on to see what’s going on and how you can stay ahead of the curve (hint: it’s time to […]

Eliminate prepress errors with upgraded ArtPro+

15 reasons your prepress team should be using ArtPro+ We all know that editing incoming files can be fraught with danger. It is perilously easy to miss any issues or, even worse, to introduce new errors into the file, however unintentionally. Esko developed the perfect solution with ArtPro+, the prepress software that makes your files […]

2019 Packaging trends

According to Mintel, the world leading market intelligence agency, there are four major trends leading the way in today’s packaging industry. Connected Packaging The development of connected packaging is booming driven by growth in ownership of connected devices worldwide, increasing interest in the development of the Internet of Things (IOT) and advancement in technology that […]
recyclable packaging

Consumer confusion: just how recyclable is your packaging?

Your packaging designs, labels especially, have loads to say. Literally. There’s the list of ingredients you’re obligated to include, of course, and perhaps you’ve even adopted the much talked-about traffic light system. If you’re smart, your packaging also tells consumers just how eco-friendly the product as well as the packaging materials are – Millennials, after […]
anti-counterfeit pharma packaging

3 security features all anti-counterfeit pharma packaging must have

While the number of counterfeit drugs circulating the world is declining, the overall value of the counterfeit pharmaceutical landscape is bigger than ever. As counterfeiters increasingly focus on more expensive drugs, the pharma industry must turn to sophisticated anti-counterfeit technologies to protect its profit margins – not to mention its vulnerable target audience. Fortunately, as […]
pouch packaging for millennials

How to design the best pouch packaging for Millennial consumers

Environmentally conscious and always on the go, Millennials sure love their pouch packaging. But that doesn’t mean brands don’t need to put in the extra effort to make their pouches all the more appealing. Evidently, you’re not the only one to discover that pouch packaging is increasingly popular with Millennials. Determined to make your pouch […]