Packaging Innovation
May 25, 2015

Why Apple cares so much about product packaging

Whether you love or hate Apple products, one thing’s for certain: they are absolutely obsessed with packaging. From the way the iPhone 6 is packaged to the latest MacBook, anyone who has ever opened up an Apple product can attest Apple’s product packaging is elegant, reflecting a thoughtfulness most electronics companies can’t match. But why do they do that? Is it mere customer service or is something else involved?

The iPod – Apple’s attention to packaging detail illustrated

Apple takes design very seriously – packaging design being no exception. It is told Apple has a secret packaging design room only a handful of people have access to. Furthermore, prior to the first release of the iPod, Apple literally had hundreds of prototypes to choose from. From the tiniest tab indicating where to pull the invisible sticker adhered to the clear iPod box, to the type of cardboard and folding mechanism, Apple leaves no stone left unturned.

Customer experience starts with product packaging

For Apple customer experience doesn’t start when the customer first uses the product, it starts with the packaging. Creating an enjoyable experience unboxing is just as important as providing good product user experience. Furthermore, Apple’s care for product packaging also benefits the environment. Most people who ever bought an Apple product still have the packaging, not just to keep warranty documents but because the packaging sits nicely on a shelf. Furthermore, all Apple product packaging is designed so you can store the product when you’re not currently using it.

How Apple’s attention to packaging detail inspired Microsoft …

Apple’s care for packaging has inspired other electronics companies, such as Microsoft. Being dissatisfied with their company’s packaging, some Microsoft employees created a Microsoft video depicting what the iPod box would look like if Microsoft were to design it. The result leaked and Microsoft paid attention to the internal critique. Now Microsoft’s packaging is a lot slicker. Dropping the information overload for example has had an immense effect on the overall appearance of Microsoft product packaging.