Packaging Innovation
Sample packaging boosts your business
October 16, 2015

Think big, go small! How sample packaging may boost your business

A little is good, but more is better! At least, that’s what the average consumer used to think. These days, bulk retailers and supersized portions are making way for mini-sized products – and consumers are loving it. Where they used to step out of their way to purchase as much as they could for as little as possible, today’s consumers are all about prioritizing quality over quantity.

Let them try before they buy

As consumers are constantly bombarded with options, they have the luxury of not committing to a product until they are absolutely sure the product meets all of their needs. After all, why would someone buy a full-size jar of anti-wrinkle cream when several brands are offering smaller sized jars at reduced prices? In other words, consumers want to try before they buy – and providing smaller sized packaging is the ultimate way to get them to try your product!

The power of the free sample

Of course, there is no need to stop offering your products in regular sizes altogether. Don’t hesitate to offer mini-sized versions of your entire product range, but know that simply including a small trial sample with the purchase of a normal size product can already work wonders for your overall sales.

Boosting your brand’s reputation

Making the effort to produce mini-sized versions of your products will not only help you sell more of your product, it also shows your customers that you are in touch with their needs – and even willing to alter your infrastructure in order to meet those needs. Sample sized packaging is guaranteed to boost your brand’s reputation, improving your brand’s connection with existing customers and easily turning first-time customers into loyal fans and brand advocates.