Packaging Innovation
best product packaging colours
August 4, 2016

Are you sure your product packaging has the right colour?

When it comes to product packaging, looks can really make or break a sale. No matter how great a product may be, it simply won’t sell – let alone get noticed – if its packaging design isn’t well-thought-out. The ideal product packaging design is eye-catching, made of quality materials and adheres to the rules of colour psychology. Surprisingly enough, packaging designers often ignore the latter and end up choosing colours that compromise rather than boost sales. Big mistake! This article helps you pick the right colours for your next product packaging design.

Food packaging requires warm colours

Certain colours trigger our appetite, while others can make even the tastiest snack or dish look anything but delicious. We tend to associate warm colours – red, yellow and orange in particular – with yumminess, while cool colours such as blue and purple have the exact opposite effect and are better used for cosmetic packaging or packaging for cleaning products. In other words, it’s best to avoid cool colours when you’re designing packaging for food, or at least limit them to small details.

White doesn’t always look right

The colour of purity, white is associated with cleanliness. As it triggers subconscious images of sterile labs and hospitals, white is a great choice if you want to stress how clean or ‘scientifically proven’ a product is. Evidently, you want to avoid an overall white packaging design if you’re designing for food or beverages.

Black product packaging exudes elegance

If you’re designing packaging for a luxury product, you can never go wrong with black as a dominant background colour. Black is associated with elegance, authority and mystery, and makes expensive products look like they’re worth every penny.   Inspired by Copious Bags