Packaging Innovation
March 16, 2015

“Soap packaging isn’t an art?” – We beg to differ …

And we think you’ll agree after having seen these fine pieces of soap packaging goodness. Soap is one of those products packaging designers and brands can use to really distinguish themselves from the competition. It’s the ideal vessel for creative power. Care to take a ride with us?

A packaging style for every soap buyer

Depending on the type of soap, brands tend to use different packaging materials, color, shape, illustration and typography. Beauty soap, for instance, has a distinctive visual appeal, while health soap usually comes in minimalist packages. So much can be done to convey that this is a unique package with something truly special inside. There is a style for every type of soap buyer.

What about the fragrance?

Apart from the packaging, there’s also the fragrance of the product that can really grab the shopper’s attention. So designers will try to come up with packaging that makes it possible for consumers to smell the product in store.

Eco-friendly soap and soap packaging

As is the case in other product segments, soap has its own eco-friendly niche. Women’s cosmetic products in particular are undergoing a revolutionary shift away from chemical ingredients. The push to natural soap is on, so to speak. Hence, today you’ll find dozens of brands offering hand crafted soap – it’s gone from cottage industry to big business.

Let’s explore a couple of great soap packaging examples!


Izola Showers, for instance, makes soap for the “timeless gentleman”, depicted by the packaging image and the down-to-earth design.


Have a look at this old fashion shaving kit by Keen, including a blade razor, leather sharpening strop, shaving brush, cream soap bar and a mug. This package is certain to make your day!


This organic soap brand uses a natural logotype design with a tree as its main symbol.