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unit dose pharmaceutical packaging
October 20, 2016

Why single & unit dose packaging are taking over pharma

More and more pharma companies are turning to single and unit dose packaging. Is your company considering taking the plunge as well? They have every reason to go for it.

Packaging: small is the new big

First of all, consumers are no longer as fond of the economy pack as they used to be. The demand for single and unit dose packaging is on the rise, driven by changing demographics and an increasing need for convenience. Families are getting smaller, while the number of two-income households continues to grow.

Single and unit dose packaging for pharma

The pharmaceutical industry has been exploring the benefits of unit and single dose packaging for quite some time now. Depending on the product, small bottles, blister packs, tubes, ampoules and vials are the go-to options.

How pharma packaging is improving patient compliance

For the pharmaceutical industry, unit dose packaging offers limitless possibilities to improve patient compliance. Studies have shown that patient compliance is most at risk if packaging is hard to open or use. In many cases, old age or medical conditions prevent patients from handling pharmaceutical packaging the way the designer or manufacturer intends. As a result, they administer wrong doses or fail to administer one at all. User-friendly unit dose pharmaceutical packaging is the answer.
  • Did you know? Manufacturers are even experimenting with smart unit dose packaging that alerts patients when it’s time to take their medication and even keeps track of how much of their medication they have taken so far.

Incorporating artwork into single and unit dose packaging

unit dose pharmaceutical packagingAre you a pharmaceutical packaging designer wondering how single and unit dose packaging affects your artwork? Avoid complexity, GMP compliance issues, delays and unnecessary costs by downloading our free pharma packaging artwork guide.     Inspired by MJS Packaging