Packaging Innovation
January 12, 2017

Simply the best! Top 5 pharmaceutical packaging designs

Patient compliance, GMP compliance, anti-counterfeit measures, shelf-appeal, … Pharmaceutical packaging designers have plenty of boxes to tick before their design can hit the shelves, let alone sell, sell, sell! Still, every so often we come across a pharmaceutical packaging concept that stops us in our tracks. So, of course, we could not resist compiling a top five of the best pharmaceutical packaging designs that caught our eye in the last few years.

5. VariBlend dual chamber tubes

Simple does it! VariBlend’s dual chamber caps and tubes combine great shelf appeal with easy-to-use technology. Keeping ingredients separated right until use, this packaging is suitable for a wide range of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products that require precise mixing and blending right before application.

4. Neopac Airless tubes

Sleek graphics aside, Neopac Airless tubes are also quite smooth technology-wise. The pumps seal off automatically and form a barrier against air and bacteria, ideal for products that have to remain free of preservatives. The tube is made of Polyfoil©, which  acts as a shield against chemicals, moisture, sun and air.

3. Anita’s Balm

This cool jar may look as if an archaeologist just dug it up somewhere in Greece, but it’s actually a 3D printed packaging design made of plastic filament. Talk about old wine in new bottles! Or is it new wine in old bottles?

2. Flexi-Cap Schreiner by MediPharm

MediPharm decided to add a splash of colour to its security labels and caps, and with splendid results! The coloured films are pure eye candy and make it easier for medical professionals to identify different medicines or varying product potencies.

1.     The best pharmaceutical packaging design

And the winner is … Hyland’s Ointment for Bumps ‘n Bruises! You don’t even have to be a child anymore to love these cutesy graphics. What’s more, the tubes are made of one hundred percent recycled paperboard/chipboard, while the labels are applied with an environmentally friendly soybean water-based adhesive.   Inspired by Healthcare Packaging