Packaging Innovation
Perfume packaging
September 27, 2017

What a refreshing perfume packaging format!

No matter how expensive, the perfume you spray on in the morning slowly but surely fades away during the day. By lunchtime, you wish you had brought the bottle with you so you could spritz on a little extra, just to make it through the rest of the day smelling of your favorite scent. Or you did bring the fragile glass bottle with you, which is of course anything but practical …

Then what about refillable perfume atomizers?

Ah, refillable perfume atomizers! A small, light-weight and sturdy perfume packaging format, refillable atomizers are a great solution for the woman on the go. Until you have to get them re-filled, that is. Which always happens sooner than you expect, due to their small size. What’s more, refillable atomizers tend to hide themselves in the one handbag you decided not to take with you to work that day …

Perfume packaging for on the go

Fortunately for all perfume lovers with busy lives, there is a more practical means to refresh your scent. Pinrose, for example, recently launched an innovative* perfume packaging format that is as practical as it is gorgeous. The American perfume label offers what they call ‘Parfum à gogo’: individually wrapped scent wipes wrapped in beautifully printed packets, each wipe containing a perfectly measured dose of perfume. Sold in batches of twenty, consumers can easily distribute the wipes between their handbags. No more re-fills needed and no more vaporizers getting lost! * Although innovative in their own right and not widely sold these days, scented towelettes actually date back to 1966.

Remember this one?

And it gets even better, as Pinrose is not the only label to sell its perfume in towelette form. Echt Kölnisch Wasser, the classic of all classic perfumes, in 2011 adopted the wipe format to complement their new 4711 Acqua Colonia fragrance line. We’re sure many other classics will follow their example in the coming years.   Inspired by Interpack