Packaging Innovation
the many benefits of stand up pouches
August 22, 2016

Why companies are so in love with stand up pouches

They started out as beverage packaging for children some years ago, but these days stand up pouches are used for an incredibly wide range of products including microwavable meals, crisps, nuts, pet food, laundry detergents, and so on. And it’s not surprising, really, if you consider the many benefits stand up pouches offer not only to the consumer but to manufacturers as well. In this article we have a closer look at four reasons why companies all over the world have fallen in love with stand up pouch packaging.

1.     Stand up pouch packaging is retail-ready

Stand up pouches are particularly easy on the eye. They allow for the most innovative and eye-catching graphics packaging designers can come up with. They immediately draw the consumer’s attention because they don’t require secondary packaging to stand up freely on the shelf. In other words, stand up pouches check all the boxes when it comes to shelf readiness.

2.     Stand up pouches provide great barriers

Because stand up pouches consist of multiple layers, they form a great protective barrier to prevent UV light, oxygen and moisture from getting to the product. What’s more, it is not hard at all to produce stand up pouches that are BPA-free.

3.     Stand up pouches save money

Because stand up pouches are so lightweight and take up little room when stacked, they cost significantly less to ship than jars, cans and bottles.

4.     The many seals of stand up pouch packaging

Last but not least, stand up pouches are very versatile in terms of sealing. They are, for instance, heat sealable (which can be used to create tamper-evident seals). Manufacturers can also opt for tear notches (seals the consumer can simply tear off) or reclosable zippers.   Inspired by Copious Bags