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product packaging design that strikes a chord
October 16, 2018

How to create product packaging design that strikes a chord?

You may think you’re not one to be tempted by a fancy packaging design – it’s the contents that count, right? – but neuromarketers say otherwise. And they may be on to something. Bridging the field of consumer behavior studies and neuroscience, neuromarketing states that a consumer is more likely to (re)purchase a product if its packaging evokes a positive emotion. Looking for tips to create a packaging design that makes consumers fall in love at first sight? We’ve got you covered!

1.     Implement color psychology

Implementing color psychology into your design is a must if you want the packaging to pop for all the right reasons. Steer away from randomly chosen colors (brighter isn’t always better) and instead opt for hues that suit the target audience as well as the nature of the product your packaging is trying to sell.

2.     Let them sneak a peek

color psychology Transparent communications are vital for brands who want to gain and retain a loyal following these days, and the same is true for packaging. Next to including statements about the origins of the product (Who made this? How have the ingredients been sourced?) into the packaging design, it pays to include some transparency in the literal sense as well. Consumers like to see exactly what it is they’re buying, so a viewing window of some sort is a great means to trigger feelings of trust and security.

3.     Shape it, shape it, baby!

While gender-neutral packaging is still bang on trend, don’t hesitate to opt for a fully masculine or feminine esthetic if you’re catering to a completely male or female target audience. Female consumers are drawn to soothing colors and soft lines, while male consumers are more attracted to bold colors and angular shaped packaging formats.

4.     Simplicity exudes confidence

Just like people tend to be more attracted to confident personalities, consumers are generally not too impressed with packaging designs that come across as if they’re trying too hard. Always keep the competition in mind – but dare to keep it simple as well.   Inspired by Brand Packaging