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September 8, 2017

How to get your product packaging design to tick all the boxes

A product can only be as great as its packaging design. At least, that’s what the consumer subconsciously believes. Did you know that the average shopper makes 85 percent of their purchase decisions in-store? And that they do so within 8 seconds once a particular packaging design has caught their eye? That said, consumers are not the only audience product packaging designers set out to seduce. There’s also the needs and demands of brand owners to cater to. Does your product packaging design tick all the boxes for all the people it needs to please?

Questions, questions, questions

It pays for product packaging designers to have a thorough understanding of their client’s customer base. Additionally, what the target audience exactly wants in the product greatly affects what they look for in the product’s packaging. Before you start designing, ask yourself the following questions:
  • Which product features does the target audience value the most?
  • How can I work color psychology into the mix?
  • Does the packaging have to be child-proof?
  • Will this packaging design cause wrap rage?
  • Will this packaging be easy and sturdy enough to transport?
  • Does the target audience attach importance to sustainable materials?

3D product packaging design pays off

Packaging design has always been a process of trial and error, and always will be. Still, making mock-up after mock-up only for clients to reject them can feel like a waste of time. Or, better said, it is a waste of time if you’re willing to invest in 3D packaging design software like Esko’s Studio. The software not only gives brand owners a realistic image of what a packaging design is going to look like in real life, but also lets designers know immediately whether a design adaptation is going to have the desired effect. Did you know? The Studio Store Visualizer module even lets you see how your product packaging will compare to competitive designs on the shelf.   Inspired by Consumer Goods