Packaging Innovation
snack packaging design
August 9, 2018

With new snacking habits come new packaging design trends

Snacking is on the rise, yet so is the demand for healthy foods. Both time-pressed and health-conscious, millennial consumers are acquiring a taste for packaging design that helps them have their cake and it eat too (pun intended, yes). Or why no snack packaging designer should ignore the following up-and-coming packaging design trends!

1.     The clean label trend

Consumers are hungrier than ever for foods that contain all-natural ingredients. More and more brands are willing to oblige, removing artificial ingredients and additives from their product offer. Needless to say, their efforts won’t prove fruitful (that’s another pun right there!) sales-wise unless their packaging design, labels in particular, follows suit. Today’s so-called clean label trend is all about capturing the attention of health-conscious consumers and reeling them in by communicating health factors. That means packaging designers should be highlighting:
  • Growing claims (think “Organic” or “Natural”)
  • “Free-from …” claims
It also pays to replace E numbers with their common names.

2.     Packaging that allows for portion control

Always on the move, consumers favor packaging that allows them to consume products in small portions throughout the day, i.e. multipacks with individually wrapped snacks. On a similar note, consumers are also increasingly triggered by snack brands that add smaller portion sizes to their traditional offer. snack packaging design

3.     Keeping it fresh … and recloseable

As busy consumers see little use in snacks they can’t easily dig into while moving from A to B, freshness and portability are high on the list of expectations as well. This explains why stand-up pouches are an increasingly popular packaging format in the snack industry. Not only do they come with excellent barrier properties, equipping them with a resealable zip lock is a breeze too. Not to mention the endless creative opportunities they offer snack packaging designers who are determined to stand out!   Inspired by Standup Pouches