Packaging Innovation
April 3, 2015

What’s keeping brands from using resealable cereal boxes?

For as long as there have been breakfast cereals, there have been nonresealable cardboard boxes. Why do cereal brands refuse to answer the public’s “cry for help”? Because, let’s face it, we would all start our day a little bit better if the cereal box would cooperate, wouldn’t we? Well, as it turns out, cereal manufacturers have their reasons to stick with the old fashioned box.

Boxed cereals are all we know

Firstly, boxed cereals are what consumers have come to expect when browsing the supermarket aisles. Simply put, should a brand decide to make the bold move to resealable bags, it runs the risk of alienating its customer base. Furthermore, boxed cereals are easy to stack in stores.

The best value for money …

However, in this case, the advantages of resealable packaging far outweigh the potentially harmful consequences. The market generally wants what is the best value for money, and minimal packaging that offers long-term product enjoyment is certainly the best value.

Are resealable cereal boxes too expensive?

And yet, most cereal brands stick with boxes. One possible explanation is that resealables might simply be too expensive to implement. Research has shown that most consumers prefer zipper seals over less expensive tape seal designs.

And there’s the issue of branding. It’s easier to display your brand on a nice upright box than it is on a bag. The surface area of the box is a nice canvas area for the brand’s label design, whereas a bag … – well, not so much.

Time will tell …

As it turns out, the flexible and resealable cereal bag walks the line between familiarity and innovation, and it remains to be seen whether brands will have the courage to tread unfamiliar territories. Time will tell …