Packaging Innovation
December 8, 2016

What a treat! Food packaging you can eat

Eco-friendly food packaging is taking a turn for the tasty. A deliciously creative approach to biodegradable packaging, edible food packaging is the latest trend to take the packaging industry by storm. Curious to see what’s out there? Let’s have a closer look at some of the tastiest food packaging you can eat!

You can have your coffee cup and eat it

Who needs muffins and cookies when you can just eat your coffee cup? Determined to use only sustainably sourced or recyclable packaging, Seattle’s Best Coffee serves its coffee and other hot drinks in sweet-tasting edible cups made from cookie dough coated with heat-resistant chocolate and sugar paper. Contrary to the Seattle’s Best Coffee cups, Lavazza’s ‘cookie cups’, as the Italian coffee company calls them, do look edible from afar. The dough is considerably thicker and is shaped just like an espresso cup. Don’t try to make this at home, though! Regular cookie dough is unable to resist moisture, so Lavazza had designer Enrique Sardi and the confectioner Lello Parisi come up with a special coating of icing sugar which they applied on the inside of the cup.

Edible food packaging shaped like a pearl

Remember Wikipearl™? This edible membrane developed by Harvard lecturer Prof. David Edwards can coat anything from ice cream and vegetables to drinks and even soup. The pearls taste like nothing, but who cares? They look totally sci-fi! And they’re completely biodegradable.

Here’s your teabag. Aaaaaaand it’s gone

Specializing in food packaging materials that dissolve in liquids, US company MonoSol presented the world with Vivos® Film. Tasteless and odorless, the film looks like your average transparent packaging yet completely dissolves in both hot and cold liquids. Vivos® Film can be used as packaging for instant coffee, tea and powder-based drinks, and even for pasta.   Inspired by Interpack