Packaging Innovation
Getting cheese packaging just right
September 14, 2015

The secret of great cheese packaging

Does the mere thought of a great piece of cheese make your mouth water? Or are you a packaging designer determined to convince consumers of the creamy goodness of your client’s dairy products? Then we’ll let you in on a little secret… The sheer delights of those cheeses people tend to love so much are greatly determined by packaging. More specifically, the best cheeses are always wrapped with wax paper.

Getting cheese packaging just right with wax paperWax paper on, wax paper off

Are those deliciously fresh sandwiches and meats you buy at your local deli usually wrapped with wax paper? Then you are buying your yummy foods from one food packaging savvy deli owner. After all, there is nothing better than wax paper for preserving fresh food. The thin layer of wax not only protects the food from contamination but also ensures that all those savory juices and greases are nicely preserved, preventing the food from drying out. And there’s more! Wax paper packaging is perfectly recyclable and even compostable, so it’s about as green as packaging can get.

Printing on wax paper

Although wax paper is semi-transparent it is quite strong. In fact, it’s extremely strong and perfectly suited for printing. Moreover, ink can’t get through the wax layer, so you needn’t worry about spoiling the cheese.

Wax paper versus PE paper

But what about PE paper? Doesn’t it have a special coating that protects food as well? It sure does, but wax paper is the real winner when it comes to cheese packaging. Contrary to PE paper – also known as polyethylene paper – wax paper allows food to breathe. In other words, wax paper is ideal for sweaty cheeses and meats, while PE paper is greaseproof paper that is more suited for packaging hot or greasy foods meant for immediate consumption.   Inspired by Packaging of the World