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September 11, 2018

The 6 most delicious confectionery packaging trends in 2018

Confectionery packaging is always a treat! Especially in the United States where snacks and sweets fuel the economy. According to the American National Confectioners Association, the following fascinating trends are defining the confectionary landscape as we speak.

1.     Candy for one, please

What do you get when you combine a growing number of single-person households and consumers who are increasingly conscious of their health and weight? A rising demand for single-serve confectionary packaging, of course.

2.     Itsy bitsy teenie weenie

Similar to the single-serve trend, manufacturers are creating mini-sized versions of their traditional offer in a bid to help consumers keep their calorie intake in check while still allowing themselves the occasional treat.

3.     DIY baking kits

confectionary packaging trends Nothing beats a home-made dessert, right? But where to find the time to make one yourself! Enter easy-breezy DIY kits that enable consumers to make mug cakes, cookies and the like all in the blink of an eye.

4.     Ready? Stir. Eat!

On a similar note, consumers are developing a taste for confectionery packaging with multiple components as well. This trend is particularly convenient for manufacturers who make treats that consist of both moist and crunchy ingredients, as the packaging keeps the ingredients separated until the consumer chooses to mix them themselves.

5.     Mixing matte and bling

While candy manufacturers traditionally wrap their treats in shiny pouches, 2018 sees them take a slightly bolder approach by mixing matte and spot-coated features to create interesting contrasts.

6.     “Look at me, I’m gluten-free!”

More and more consumers are gluten-intolerant or believe they might be. Hence, many candy manufacturers are exploring ways to find gluten-free alternatives for their current product offer, e.g. by replacing wheat-based ingredients with rice. Experts agree that, slowly but surely, retailers who offer an extensive range of gluten-free confectionery products are becoming the norm rather than the exception.     Inspired by Packaging Digest