Packaging Innovation
August 11, 2016

Single-serve wine packaging: yay or nay?

Portable single-serve beverage packaging is on the rise, and even the wine industry is slowly but surely joining in the fun. As was the case with the wine in PET bottles trend that emerged a while ago, some wine enthusiasts remain skeptical. Still, plenty of consumers are more than willing to engage with this new trend in wine packaging. Are you saying nay to single-serve wine packaging? Perhaps these cool packaging designs will convince you otherwise!

1.     Wine packaging you can stack

Now this is wine packaging design at its smartest! At first sight, this concept seems to be nothing more than two cups stacked on top of each other and wrapped in shrink-film. When you tear off the film, however, it becomes clear that each cup has a full stem and is in fact a nifty-looking ‘wine glass’ made entirely of PET. The lid of one cup functions as the foot of the other.

2.     Care for a can of wine?

  If you think the idea of selling wine in cans is nothing new, you’re absolutely right. And if you have been avoiding drinking wine out of a cans because it tastes a bit like aluminum, you’ll be pleased to hear that Barokes Wines recently introduced the first wine in a can that tastes like wine – and nothing else! The secret is what Barokes Wines calls ‘Vinsafe Packaging’, a unique lining that ensures the wine and the aluminum are perfectly sealed off from each other.

3.     Waiter, there’s a … snack in my wine?

  Are you never quite sure which snacks go well with the wine you’re serving? This packaging design by Ready-to-drink has got you covered! The PET cups include an inner container filled with a snack that enhances the flavour of the wine to a T.     Inspired by Best in Packaging