Packaging Innovation
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November 24, 2016

It’s all about shelf-appeal! 5 food packaging design tips

Although bound by strict FDA regulations, food packaging design is still an art form in its own right. It requires a good eye, but not only that: knowing what makes a great food packaging design is crucial if you want your brand to stand out on the shelves. Which, evidently, you do! The following tips will help you make it happen:

1.     Simplicity is key

Have you ever noticed how it’s often the simplest recipes that result in the tastiest dishes? This unwritten yet golden rule extends to food packaging design. Take these stand-up pouches for Giovanni Ferrari, for example. The graphics are minimalist yet mouth-watering. The brand logo is clearly featured, but doesn’t dominate the design. Simply delicious!

2.     Don’t fool ’em with your food packaging design

When it comes to food packaging design, honesty is the best policy. Today’s consumer isn’t easily fooled, for one. And even if you do manage to fool them, your brand image will ultimately pay the price.

3.     Test your packaging design in a virtual store

How does your design compare next to the competition? Don’t find out when it’s already too late. Using virtual store software, you can easily test your design beforehand.

4.     Dare to be different

Don’t be tempted by a generic design just because everyone else in the market is settling for ‘bland’. Dare to be different! Are your competitors all using opaque materials? Try creating a transparent packaging design and see how that works. Is everybody opting for white as a main colour? Go for a black background instead!

5.     Design with the future in mind

Right now, you’re designing for one particular product. Chances are, though, that your brand will at one point decide to turn that product into an entire line. By creating a packaging design concept that is extensible, you’re keeping your options wide open.   Inspired by 99 designs