Packaging Innovation
February 13, 2015

Redesigning the world’s leading confectionery packaging – giving M&M’s a facelift

M&M’s is one of the world’s best-known and most recognizable candy brands, not in the least due to its iconic packaging design and logo. Surely it’s what makes the brand stand out on the shelf, but isn’t the design a bit outdated? That’s what New York designer Alyssa Philips thought when she decided to come up with a new concept. Will this design inspire the popular candy manufacturer?

“M&M, drop the M!”

A bold and brilliant marketing decision or sheer commercial suicide, Alyssa Philips decided to change the iconic brand name and just using M instead – short and simple. We doubt whether the marketing big shots at Mars Inc. will agree though. If you do want to rebrand your product, it’s best to do it thoroughly, right?

The old confectionery pouch gets a redesign

Next up is the pouch. Now a hexagonal cardboard box with resealable top. The packaging mimics the shape and fun colorful experience of the traditional M&M’s, while also giving it a vintage image. Making the box resealable is definitely a clever decision as consumers nowadays care a lot about practical use.

What do you think of M’s vintage redesign? Should M&M’s listen to this designer’s ideas or not? Sound off in the comments below …