Packaging Innovation
June 20, 2013

Thelma’s Treats – Original cardboard packaging for cookies

Of all the cookie packaging ideas we’ve seen so far, those used by the Iowa based company Thelma’s Treats are among the best. The company has Saturday Mfg. to thank for the design, but it’s really Thelma’s Treats clear brand identity that created the perfect cookie packaging boxes.

“That’s what Great-Grandma Thelma taught us.” This simple slogan is the essence of their marketing strategy. They use great-grandma Thelma’s recipe to bake their cookies and they do it with the same care Thelma would have used.

Packaging for cookies – Fresh from the oven

The best cookie is the one that comes straight out of the oven. This is exactly what Thelma’s Treats was thinking: the cookies come in a cardboard box that looks exactly like great-grandma Thelma’s oven. The front of the box opens to reveal the cookies just like an oven would. In short, it’s the perfect packaging for cookies, both in quality and presentation!