Packaging Innovation
May 23, 2016

‘Would you like some virtual reality goggles with that?’

Virtual reality is on the rise! And it seems McDonald’s is out to claim their slice of the virtual reality pie. Earlier this year, the fast food giant introduced 3500 limited-edition Happy Goggles, a Happy Meal toy reserved for Swedish customers spread over fourteen restaurants. Will McDonald’s be launching these foldable virtual reality goggles outside Sweden anytime soon? We sure hope so. Because we’re lovin’ them!

How Happy Goggles work

Happy Goggles are more than just a Happy Meal gift. They ARE the Happy Meal. Well, the Happy Meal box that is. Plus two plastic lenses. Oh, and you’ll also be needing your smartphone. It’s best to finish your Happy Meal first before you start assembling your goggles, because rumor has it they’re pretty addictive! Ready? Then here’s how Happy Goggles work:
  • Tear away the designated portion of the box.
  • Pop out the areas for your eyes and nose.
  • Fold the box along the lines.
  • Pop the plastic virtual reality lenses into the box.
  • Visit the Happy Goggles website with your smartphone.

Tapping into virtual reality games

Once you’ve reached the Happy Goggles website, you tap ‘play the game’ and slide your smartphone into your freshly folded virtual reality box. Put your Happy Goggles on and you’ll find yourself on a pair of skis, trying to ski around ski poles while collecting stars that are scattered across the plain. How’s this possible, you ask? Simple! Your smartphone’s motion sensors detect which direction you’re looking and where you want to go.

Virtual battle of the cardboard boxes?

Great, isn’t it, this virtual advertising stunt? However, we must admit that it does remind us of the Pizza Hut box turned movie projector we talked about last year. Still, we applaud McDonald’s effort to make virtual reality go mainstream!   Inspired by Adweek