Packaging Innovation
October 27, 2014

Juice box packaging: perfection in form and function

Have you ever taken your time to scrutinize a juice box? From a packaging design’s perspective it is pure perfection: the package itself is an essential part of using or consuming the product. Let’s explore what makes juice box packaging so fantastic!

Juice box packaging excels in practicality

Packaging perfection is reached when form and function go hand in hand. The basic premise, that the shape of an object (its form) should be essentially based on its intended function, is met entirely in something as simple and common as the juice box your kids take to school every day. It’s truly a marvel of packaging design perfection.

When designing drink bottles, practicality is of course crucial. Consumers should be able to drink or pour without spilling. As far as the juice box is concerned, the level of practicality and user-friendliness is astonishing: delivered with a bendable straw, sealed in a clear plastic wrapper and firmly glued to the side of the carton, drinking without spilling is made exceptionally easy, even for toddlers.

Think about the customer, not your creative leanings

Customer satisfaction is ultimately what makes any packaging great. And here, too, the juice box delivers. As previously stated, the package excels in user-friendliness – you don’t even need a glass: simply prick the straw through the sealed hole and enjoy your drink! Add to that a sharp minimalist look and you get a timeless product packaging design that is sure to please customers for years to come.

For packaging designers it’s important to remember that practicality always comes first. An aesthetically pleasing drink design is but an empty container when it doesn’t do its job. Sometimes it’s best to put your creative impulses aside and start from the user experience.

Inspired by SmashBrand