Packaging Innovation
December 14, 2015

Is this the pizza box design of the future?

Let’s face it, pizza boxes are not exactly the first thing that springs to mind when you think of creative packaging design. Graphics aside, all pizza boxes look the same: plain corrugated cardboard boxes that don’t particularly spark your appetite. Additionally, research has shown that today’s pizza boxes fail to meet the average pizza lover’s needs and expectations. High time for a change!

What makes a great pizza box design?

Contrary to popular perception, more than half of pizza lovers in the United States are women. Young, health-conscious women who exercise at least twice a week, to be precise. According to the Center for Generational Kinetics, these women value natural ingredients, appreciate creative design and have a preference for sustainable packaging. Yinan Wang, a student of the Maryland Institute College of Arts, took this information and applied it to create the ‘toss pizza box’, which many media outlets believe will become the pizza box of the future.

Why the ‘toss pizza box’ is set to succeed

The ‘toss pizza box’ is not only cleverly designed and nice to look at. It also meets five basic consumer needs established by contemporary consumer research:

1. It’s small

Today’s consumers, women especially, mind their calorie intake. Consequently, miniature size packaging is trending.

2. It’s easy to share

Whether it’s a picture on Facebook, a tweet or lunch, modern consumers like to share things. However, no one likes to share a lunch that gets their fingers – and thus their smartphone screens – all greased up. Consequently, having lunch with colleagues usually does not involve pizza. But we’re sure it will in the future though, as the ‘toss pizza box’ comes with a convenient detachable holder to avoid greasy fingers.

3. It’s perfect on-the-go

Young professionals are always on-the-go and like to take their meals with them. And what could be more practical to take with them than a mini box?

4. It’s personalized

Remember the last time you were with friends and decided to order pizza together? It took you a while before you agreed on which pizza should be brought to the table, right? Thanks to the ‘toss pizza box’ slice-by-slice concept, everyone can simply order what they want.

5. It’s great for conserving

Eating a full-sized pizza is neither a one-man nor a one-woman job and often results in leftovers getting thrown away. The ‘toss pizza box’, however, makes storing leftovers easy. No more throwing away leftovers because you are unable to cram that huge pizza box into the refrigerator!   Inspired by Best in Packaging