Packaging Innovation
June 1, 2015

Fruit packaging can make fruit fun for everyone!

A melon grower believes to have found a sure way to make fruit appeal to both children and adults. With a campaign centered around bold and colorful packaging featuring Sesame Street characters and much more, the company, called Nature’s Partner, expects to see its water melon sales soar.

Bright labels and bold looking bins

Nature’s partner clearly knows a thing or two of creative fruit packaging. By using bins carefully decorated with bold graphics featuring Big Bird and Elmo, both adults and children are sure to notice the bins from several feet away. The fun and colorful label graphics featuring either Oscar or Elmo will then reinforce the ‘oh!’ effect when people come closer to have a better look.

More than just fruit packaging

The peel-off labels on the melons are printed on both sides. The product-facing side of each label contains a child-friendly recipe for watermelon snacks shaped like cupcakes. In addition to the cheerful Sesame Street graphics, the front-facing side of each label is printed with a quick response (QR) code. Consumers are able to scan the code with their smartphone to gain immediate access to additional information about the product and brand.

Inspired by Packaging Digest