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frozen food packaging
June 1, 2016

Why frozen food packaging is hot, hot, hot!

Forecast to increase more than 5% per year until 2020, the frozen food packaging industry sure has a bright future ahead. A recent report on the global food packaging industry by market research company Technavio sheds some light on this interesting phenomenon, along with a number of other noteworthy stats and facts. This article presents the report’s key findings in a nutshell.

Consumers are warming up to frozen food

Today’s consumer no longer associates frozen food with long forgotten leftovers in the freezer and bland TV dinners. On the contrary! The rising demand for frozen foods is linked to the consumer’s increasing appetite for convenient yet healthy ready-to-eat meals made with premium ingredients. Meat, poultry and seafood in particular are driving the frozen food market to new heights. To be precise, Technavio believes the frozen food market will be worth approximately 14 billion USD in revenue by 2020.

Reinventing frozen food packaging

Evidently, the surge in demand for frozen food leads to an increased demand for frozen food packaging. Packaging designers are tirelessly developing the next innovative packaging solution after the other to cater to the frozen-food-loving consumer’s ever increasing need for convenience. Portable packaging solutions are on the rise, as well as vacuum pouches, resealable packaging and easy opening.

Extending shelf life

To counter the growing popularity of frozen food products, fresh food vendors are continuously reinventing their packaging solutions as well in a bid to extend shelf life. More and more vendors of fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products, confectionery products, baked goods and all other kinds of perishables are turning to innovative solutions to package their products, such as self-venting pouches that allow quick and easy steam cooking while preserving the product’s texture and flavor.   Inspired by Packaging Strategies