Packaging Innovation
December 22, 2014

No more dull convenience food packaging designs, please

Convenience food packaging isn’t particularly famous for its groundbreaking design or innovative approach. Quite the contrary, all convenience food packages look rather bland. So how can designers spice things up?

Go for transparent packaging when your food looks good

Customers generally want to see what they buy, especially when food is involved. Choosing a transparent packaging design can be a good idea for convenience food packaging, as long as the food on display looks good. Unattractive food doesn’t benefit from this strategy. However, you can still give the impression of transparency, while skillfully concealing the actual product.

No artificial colors

Customers want their convenience food to look as natural as possible. Therefore, your packaging design should too. Avoid artificial colors at all costs, in favor of earth tones. Browns and greens convey wholesomeness, black means luxury. While these colors aren’t particularly attractive, they do get the message across that this package contains all natural products.

Does your convenience food packaging design convey fun?

All food packaging essentially has one goal: whetting the customer’s appetite. The same rules apply when it comes to convenience food. Try to be as creative as possible because the convenience food market is completely saturated with dull, uninspired designs. Embrace all the techniques at your disposal and try to come up with something worthwhile that will make your customers buy your product. One way of achieving this is to explore different packaging shapes that aren’t usually associated with convenience food.