Packaging Innovation
August 15, 2016

3 deliciously creative fast food packaging designs

Pressed for time, we often have no choice but to eat a quick meal at our desk. On a good day, we do manage to pack and bring our own healthy lunch to work. Other days, we use our lunch break to pop by the deli around the corner and grab a pre-packed sandwich or salad. And then there’s those days when we just can’t say no to fast food. It’s a habit that’s neither kind on our wallet nor our health, but let’s be honest … it does give packaging designers a great opportunity to get creative! The following fast food packaging designs are certainly worth a closer look.

1.     Lunch … and a show!

Made entirely out of biodegradable paper material, this sustainable fast food packaging by Anna Glansén and Hanna Billqvist ‘magically’ transforms into a serving bowl when you pour hot water into it. It’s a perfect example of the amazing things you can do with mechano-active packaging materials.

2.     The burger’s in the bag

  This smart fast food packaging design by Seulbi Kim at the Rhode Island School of Design is called the Togo Burger. As convenient as it is simple, this packaging design consists of a cardboard sleeve with two handles, two pockets for a burger and a portion of fries, and a hole down the middle to hold a beverage.

3.     Fast food packaging you peel like a banana

  Few things are worse than indulging in a hotdog on your lunch break and spilling a great big blob of ketchup or mustard on your shirt, right? That’s what Ana Gabriela Castañeda Solano must have thought when she designed this innovative hotdog packaging for Shuco. Just peel along as you eat. Bon appétit!     Inspired by Best in Packaging