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February 6, 2015

Choosing the right food packaging solution for your product …

The packaging world is incredibly innovative and technology moves really fast. Designers and producers literally have hundreds of packaging solutions and materials to choose from. In this article we will give you a strategy to pick the right material for your food product.

Whether you’re a small producer or a large multinational, choosing the right packaging material can be really hard with options being practically limitless. Keep in mind though there is an ideal food packaging solution for you out there.

Flow wrapping

Flow wrapping is one of the most common types of food packaging you can find in the shops. Everything from crisp packets, chocolate bars to tortilla wraps are packaged this way. It’s considered the best packaging solution for fresh items that aren’t kept in a box.

Vertical form fill and seal (VFFS)

Vertical form fill and seal is a rising trend in the food-to-go market. Plastic bags are constructed out of a flat roll of plastic film, which are then filled with the product and sealed. The only seal is at the top. Coffee beans, barley, cereals, beef jerky or nuts and raisins, this form of packaging offers great presentation and superb quality to a large variety of products.

Tray sealing

Tray sealing is typically used to package meat, fresh fruit and vegetables. The automated process scan also be applied to food-to-go items. Manufacturers of sandwiches, yoghurt pots, olives or dips and microwavable ready meals could consider tray sealing too due to its efficiency.

Banding/strapping solutions

Banding/strapping solutions are often overlooked but can be terrific for raising productivity, reducing costs and simplifying the handling process. This type of food packaging is typically used to deliver fresh produce in an easy-to-open pack consisting of a tray and plastic lid joined together on one side and sealed shut using ultra-sonic banders.

Vacuum packaging

One of the simplest and most convenient ways of packaging food and essential to preserve meat, seafood and cheese, vacuum packaging is truly a great choice for many types of food. By removing oxygen, the growth of bacteria and fungi is severely restricted. It doesn’t even require large machinery.

Shrink wrapping

Shrink wrapping machines wrap a product in polymer plastic film before applying heat so that it shrinks tightly over the product. Essentially it’s vacuum packaging without the need for oxygen to be removed. It’s a fantastic solution for fresh pizza, canned or bolted drinks and individual items of vegetables.

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