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wine packaging
November 7, 2016

Cheers to the wine packaging industry! Global demand continues to rise

While European consumers are drinking less wine than they used to, global wine production – and hence the global demand for wine packaging – is soaring. Forecast to increase 2.3 percent annually to €20.96 billion in 2020, the wine packaging industry has a bright future ahead. A future filled with opportunities for innovative wine packaging formats, according to World Wine Packaging: Containers, Closures & Accessories, a report by industry research firm The Freedonia Group. This article highlights the report’s most interesting conclusions.

Wine is going mainstream

Up until a few years ago, North American and Asian consumers considered wine a prestigious drink reserved for holidays and special occasions. Recently, however, sales indicate that the popularity of wine in those regions has increased to the point where wine is considered an everyday beverage. Europe will still be leading the way as the world’s largest wine packaging manufacturer, followed by Australia and New Zealand. Additionally, China is slowly but surely claiming its share of the wine packaging market as well.

Exploring alternative wine packaging

Glass bottles have always dominated the wine packaging industry and will continue to do so, albeit to a lesser extent. Due to their weight, glass wine bottles add to shipping costs. And since most consumers purchase and drink wine not long after its production date, glass bottles are not even always necessary. In the light of these findings, wine packaging manufacturers are exploring alternatives such as plastic bottles, cartons, bag-in-box containers and even cups and cans.

Screw the cork!

Another noteworthy development in wine packaging formats is Australia’s domestic wine market preferring glass bottles sealed with screw caps instead of corks. Interestingly, Australian wine destined for export is still predominantly bottled the traditional way.   Inspired by Label & Narrow Web