Packaging Innovation
August 27, 2013

Burger in a jewelry box | McDonald’s luxury packaging

Forget about sticky fingers and greasy brown paper bags: in Japan McDonald’s launched  a trio of premium burgers with luxury packaging. The minimal packaging was specifically made for the McDonald’s line of Quarter Pounder Jewelry Burgers, featuring unusual additions to the traditional ground beef patties like truffle sauce, spicy chorizo and pineapple.

Looking for an innovative idea to boost sales this summer, McDonald’s Japan introduced the Quarter Pounder Jewelry Series. Each burger of this exclusive collection is priced at US$10 and sold at outlets accross Japan for just one day.

Premium burgers need quality bags

The premium burgers with names such as ‘Gold Ring’ and ‘Black Diamond’ carry a price of ¥1,000 (nearly $10) and ‘jewelry sets’ which include a drink and fries, cost an additional $2. Released in one-day-only sales, the Quarter Pounder Jewelry products are impressively packaged in boutique-quality boxes and glossy bags. This extremely minimal packaging features hardly any other words or elements, other than the legendary golden arches and a small decorative golden ribbon affixed to the bags.

It’s all about the bag

Whilst McDonald’s created the buzz worldwide with its first-ever high-end burgers, many customers complained about the price of the burger. For many, it appeared as if the packaging made up most of the burgers’ cost. A Japanese website decided to break down the cost of the McDonald’s luxurious bags and boxes. According to the website, the packaging price could be as high as 200 yen ($2) per unit, about a fith of the burger retail price.