Packaging Innovation
April 11, 2016

Brand packaging at its finest: 5 famous food mascots

Food mascots are everywhere, and they have been for decades – if not more than a century. Food mascot design is undoubtedly one of the most powerful commercial tools packaging designers can use. In fact, some food mascots have established such a powerful connection with their audience throughout the years that they achieved worldwide fame – one of them even has his very own footprint at Mann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood. Let’s take a look at five of the most famous food mascots in the world!

1.     Ronald McDonald

You can’t talk food mascots without mentioning Ronald McDonald! Created in 1963, this famous character dressed appropriately in red and yellow has been the McDonald’s ‘spokesclown’ for over half a century.

2.     Colonel Sanders

So famous that he even got his own cameo on South Park, Colonel Sanders is both the founder and the mascot of the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant chain. Colonel Sanders’ real name is Harland David Sanders. Being the official mascot of his own KFC brand, Sanders never wore anything other than a white suit with a black bow tie in public during the last two decades of his life.

3.     Miss Chiquita

Also dubbed the ‘First Lady of Fruit’, Miss Chiquita has graced Chiquita bananas with her presence for more than fifty years now. She started out as a dressed-up banana at first, until 1987 when Oscar Grillo revamped her into the lovely lady she is today.

4.     Chester the Cheetah

Perhaps the coolest of the bunch, Chester the Cheetah is famous for his British accent and causing all kinds of mischief. And for promoting Cheetos, of course. ‘Dangerously cheesy’ as he is, Chester is advertising’s take on a 1950s ‘cool cat’.

5.     The Kool-Aid Man

Kool-Aid Man was created by Marvin Plotts in 1954. Probably as famous for appearing on Family Guy and the Simpsons as he is for driving Kool-Aid sales, this food mascot got to leave his very own signature and footprint at Mann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood in 2000. “Oh yeah!”   Inspired by