Packaging Innovation
stand up pouch packaging
June 13, 2016

Boost your food packaging design with stand up pouches!

The importance of excellent packaging design should never be underestimated, especially when it comes to food packaging. Many food packaging designers are consciously turning to flexible packaging, stand up pouches in particular, to boost their designs and help manufacturers cut costs. If you haven’t yet discovered the benefits of stand up pouch packaging, this article is a must-read!

Stand up pouch packaging is sustainable

Although underappreciated in the past, stand up pouches today are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Many of them are 100 percent eco-friendly and include a resealable ziplock to keep the food fresh once the packaging has been opened. However, sustainability is not the only reason why stand up pouches are so popular these days.

Flexible packaging – in every sense of the word

Boxes, cans and jars allow only so little packaging design options and stifle creativity. Stand up pouches, on the other hand, leave artists free to create virtually whichever packaging design they like. And that’s not all! Not only does flexible packaging allow the most interesting and gorgeous packaging designs, it also costs little to produce – no matter how colourful or ‘out of the box’ the design may be.

Stand up pouches are cheap to ship

When it comes to shipment costs, every gram and millimetre of packaging counts. Now, this is where stand up pouches really shine! For one, they are easy and cheap to have delivered to your site because they are so lightweight and hardly take up any space when flat. Once filled, stand up pouches still take up little space as they can be easily arranged in bunches to fit any box or stockroom. Secondly, a packaging designer who knows the tricks of the trade can easily tweak his design so that the pouches take up even less space!   Read more articles on flexible packaging     Inspired by Copius Bags