Packaging Innovation
October 27, 2016

Beverage packaging design: meet the Elevated Drink Box

Designed by Metsä Board and demonstrated for the first time at drupa 2016, the Elevated Drink Box is a whole new approach to the ‘bag in box’ concept and beverage packaging design in general. “Thanks to the elevated base design, the box doesn’t have to be placed on the edge of a table anymore, which gives the freedom to consumers to use this liquid packaging anywhere”, said Cyril Drouet, Design and Innovation Director at Metsä Board.

How the Elevated Drink Box works

On the shelf, the Elevated Drink Box looks like any other drink box. But when the consumer assembles the elevated base by pulling out the folds at the bottom, it becomes clear how out-of-the-ordinary and convenient this packaging design really is. So long, bulky drink boxes destined to fall off the edge of the table sooner or later!

Mouth-watering graphic design

The packaging designer responsible for this delicious packaging has certainly let his or her creative juices flow, effortlessly combining convenience with a mouth-watering look. The colours are vivid and simply spot on, the wicker print of the elevated base only adding to the design’s fresh appeal. The strategically located tap even gives the impression that the juice is pouring straight out of the apple, orange, tomato and grapes.

Sustainable beverage packaging

The Elevated Drink Box is not only convenient and easy on the eye, it’s also made of eco-friendly materials. The outer liner is a double-coated white-top kraftliner, while the fluting and inner liner are made of Modo Northern Light, a fully bleached liner. Once the bag is empty, the consumer can easily pull it out from the box to separate the bag and the box for recycling.     Inspired by Beverage Daily