Packaging Innovation
September 29, 2016

That’s hot! The best spice packaging designs

Although spice packaging design is probably not the first thing that springs to mind when you think of food packaging, it most certainly is worth a closer look! We’ve lined up some yummy spice packaging designs that caught our eye and will undoubtedly make your mouth water as well …

Spice packaging design with a pinch of cute

A little piggy (and a chicken and a cow) went to market … and brought back Spices of Montreal marinades in one of the cutest packaging designs ever made! Inspired by TrendHunter

McCormick’s new spice packaging

Although wildly popular in North America, McCormick bagged spices were all but convenient in the kitchen. Moreover, the packaging design itself looked ironically bland. Until in 2014 McCormick decided it was high time for a make-over … These interesting triangular tubes were the result. Thanks to their varying heights, the spices can be stored two or three packages deep while the labels remain visible. Inspired by Bunderfost

Spice packaging turned ‘objets d’arts’

These ‘Himalaya Spice Containers’ by Peleg Design prove that there really is no need to hide your spices in a cupboard. Sold in sets of four, these cone-shaped spice dispensers can be filled with any spice you like. The lid, humorously shaped like a snowy mountain top, can easily be removed and allows you to carefully season your dish. Inspired by TrendHunter

They make quite the pair!

Thanks to packaging designer Jen Greco, amateur chefs no longer have to wonder which spices go well together. This spice packaging design does remind us a bit of eyeshadow palettes, but we have to admit that it works deliciously well nonetheless! Miss Greco’s spice pairings include curry and chili, turmeric and cinnamon, and paprika and cumin. Inspired by TrendHunter