Packaging Innovation
June 10, 2013

Beer packaging designed to be cool

At events like parties or barbecues, a cold beer is an often welcomed beverage. A creative design by Miller Brands UK with help from the independent firm CRP Print & Packaging makes it easier to start the party wherever you are.
Smart packaging design is usually about minimizing lost space to save costs on transport or packaging material. This beer packaging is actually designed with empty space in mind.

Cool beer packaging, yes literally!

By leaving room between the bottles of Miller Genuine Draft, the brand invites you to use the packaging as a beer cooler. You can easily fill the packaging with ice to create a beer cooler that you can put pretty much anywhere and move around with ease. From a brand’s perspective this packaging idea creates a perfect situation: extra visibility and presence on a large amount of small parties or get-togethers. It will greatly increase the chance partygoers will remember the brand of beer they were drinking, unless they had a few too many of course.

Corrugated packaging and ice?

Corrugated cardboard packaging and ice aren’t exactly a match made in heaven, turning into a soggy mess that’s lost all use after only a few minutes. This is far from the case with this beer packaging: the inside is waterproof and the outside is printed with aqueous coating, quite the innovative use of corrugated cardboard. Waterproof packaging does suffer from one important issue: a lot of waterproof materials aren’t recyclable. The beer brand, however was able to overcome this issue delivering some very cool beer packaging that is in fact 100% recyclable. Source: Packaging Europe