Packaging Innovation
April 21, 2016

5 tips to create a mouth-watering food packaging design

No matter how delicious a product may be, sales won’t soar unless the packaging design is spot on. Are you a packaging designer looking to get inspired? Read on and discover our top five tips to create a food packaging design that will make the consumer’s mouth water!

1. Choose the colours with care

This convenient colour chart by Julie Neidlinger explains the basics of colour psychology. Carefully consider your target audience – male or female, child or adult, …? – and pick the colours of your design accordingly. Don’t forget to keep your product in mind as well! A salad looks tastier in a yellow box than it does in a brown one…

2. Make it easy to carry

Today’s consumer is always on the go, so make sure your packaging is easy to carry, resealable and allows instant consumption. This fast food packaging design by Zoran Svraka makes for a perfect example! The handle makes it easy to grab, while separate, removable compartments inside keep everything neatly in place.

3. Opt for a sustainable food packaging design

Modern consumers like to know they are doing their bit to save the environment. They have a strong preference for sustainable packaging, so don’t hesitate to incorporate recyclable materials into your packaging design and mention it on your packaging.

4. Let the food do the talking

Consumers like to see the product they’re buying, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to add see-through windows to your design or use enhanced images. The example above shows how design studio Postler Ferguson used a realistic photograph to convey the freshness of the product and made it work by keeping the packaging design stunningly simple.

5. Experiment!

The best designs are usually the most unexpected, so experiment with different substrates, fonts, printing effects, … before you decide on a final look. Use packaging design software such as Studio Essentials to create 3D previews and make your changes in real-time. Inspired by Packaging of the World