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food packaging design trends
March 7, 2016

5 food packaging trends every designer should know

Consumer demographics are forever changing, and so is the average lifestyle. Food packaging designers are adapting their style accordingly, in a bid to continue meeting consumers’ increasingly high expectations. Are you a food packaging designer looking to keep your designs up to date? Read on to find out which trends are currently ruling the food and beverage packaging industry.

1. Catering to the Millennial

Although Millennials may appear fickle to older generations, research has shown they know exactly what they want when it comes to food and drinks. Millennials love products that have been freshly prepared and packaged for fast and easy consumption.

2. Thinking small

The smaller the packaging, the bigger the sales. Single- and two-person households today represent more than 60 percent of all households in the United States, which explains the current surge in smaller food packaging. This trends extends to resealable packaging, meals for two and multipacks of single portions.

3. Transparent packaging

A side-effect of Millennials’ love for freshly prepared food is their love for transparent packaging. See-through packaging allows them to see exactly what they’re buying, while (figuratively) transparent lists of ingredients and information on sourcing and business practices is sure to boost their purchasing behavior as well.

4. Going green

Consumers in 2016 have a strong preference for eco-friendly packaging. This includes packaging made from recyclable materials and flexible packaging such as resealable pouches. Don’t hesitate to tell consumers about your sustainability efforts by mentioning the origin of the material on the packaging or using green as a base color in addition to adding eco-friendly symbols (think leaves, recycling symbols, …).

5. Easy does it

Next to transparency and sustainability, packaging today is all about convenience. Make sure your packaging is easy to open and, if possible, resealable, portable, lightweight and allows easy dispensing.   Inspired by Packaging World